Trish Atelier by Trish Pogue

Trish Atelier

I've always found inspiration in the Woman who makes Her own path, the type of Woman that excites Herself with new ways to feel sexy and confident! She is fearless! She’s got that vibrant, unstoppable aura. She’s comfortable in her own skin and has the boldness to flaunt it. That unapologetic authenticity brought me to Trish Atelier. It's about being comfortable with who you are in your own skin, believing in your definition of sexy and being unapologetic about it. Being fearless is easier said than done, but it is apart of my truth. Trish Atelier is My love letter to the women who exemplify fearlessness; I hope you feel fearless & sexy, just as you are, in these pieces.

As an advocate for self love, I have created pieces that will encourage you to highlight all the things you once wanted to cover.

-Founder & Designer,

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